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Dozens Of People Injured In Explosion Occurred In New York

New York: Bombing attack in New York hurts twenty nine people as one of them is in critical condition and after some hours of attack a device is also found in Pressure Cooker at military fun run.
Pressure bomb attack in the most beautiful industrialist state of America which has leave dozens of injured so according to recent reports by the officials of Security agencies that about twenty nine people injured in this incident which is occurred in New York but there is no news of any death reported in this attack as one injured is in critical condition.
But after the some hours of attack a device is also found in the second location of Chelsea which was closed in a pressure cooker as device was also covered with dark colored wiring in its centre.
As this device is noticed and mentioned earlier by the police of this city that it was connected by silver duct tape and attached with pressure cooker.
But in whole statements of all the officials of security agencies it is not told that what is inside the pressure cooker so it was just seen and verified by the media therefore they released their statement or description about the device.
Police said that they have video of the explosion and they have gathered lot of evidences regarding this bombing attack which will help them for finding the culprit. In the video it is seen clearly that someone is dropping something behind.
So after the attack, in hospital a large quantity of force is present and even ambulance is also checked by the armed force.
so commissioner of New York City said that they have firm belief that explosion took place in street and Governor of this State that they are closely monitoring all the suspect about this attack and will also provide better health facilities to the injured in this attack.

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