Earthquake Rattles in Taiwan 7 Dead Hundreds Got Serious Wounds


High magnitude earthquake destroyed a complex tower in Taiwan along with other hundreds buildings were reduced to rubble in which almost 7 people died included a 40-year-old man and a child, several got serious injuries.


According to a foreign new report, last night in Taiwan, 6.4 magnitude tremors occurred in result of that a big tower and many small buildings floored in which almost 7 citizen got death certificate and lot of people got serious wounds and shifted to nearly hospitals, local government imposed emergency for next three days.

Recues operation introduced for recovery of loss in result of earthquake but only a 17 floors building pulled out safely along with 200 people. A little tremor came two days before in many Chinese state but last night; earthquake vibrated all buildings in Taiwan with high magnitude leaves 7 people.

Mostly people caught asleep when earthquake destroyed many buildings in midnight. U.S. Geological Survey released a report in which that earthquake struck only 6 miles almost 10 kilometers underground.

Recently in Pakistan, earthquake destroyed many buildings in which many people departed from that life and thousands got serious cuts. News report told that its first shaking looked horizontally then up and down after few minutes a big rattle comes to left to right in result of that a complex tower collapsed.

President of Taiwan gave orders about emergency in whole country for recovery of all victims and made best management for solving residency problems. Authorities confirmed the death of seven people and 200 wounded and shifted to hospitals for better treatment.

Almost 17 years back in Taiwan, a big earthquake occurred with high enormity in result of that 2300 people died and thousands injured. Center told that above one thousand rescue workers, 840 troops and 6 helicopters engaged in rescue operation.


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