Emma Stone-Andrew Garfield Break Up Confirmed, Birdman Actress Turns To With Ryan Gosling


Fans of so-called love-birds Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield have got confused as both playing mystery game in front of all.


The 27-year-old actress her former beau both has once again become top attraction of fans because of their relationship status as both are being discussed in tabloids.

Nonetheless, in October 2015, reports have confirmed their split even some official statements also came out from Emma and Garfield but both appears to be playing mystery game with fans as they got puzzled considering their current relationship status as couple demonstrated they didn’t parted ways.

Recently, latest reports are showing something else or totally different situation as the ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ lead stars walking around each other or trying to be one once again.


If Hollywood Life’s a is report to be believed the 32-year-old actor and ‘La La Land’ actress was reportedly seen having fun with each other in a PDA-filled romantic date night on 7 February, 2016.

The report also suggests that the ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ lead actor was also seen walking out with his most glamorous brunette girlfriend. It was also explained Emma tried to give Garfield happy moments through the meeting even love-birds also stepped in at a London pub.


On the other hand, another report suggests that Emma has been walking behind to her upcoming film “La La Land” co-star Ryan Gosling and a series of dating was also reported by one of their close friend and it’s not because of both associations for filming.

The source also told that Emma and Gosling have been seen multiple times attending each other dinner dates at various food places within and outside Burbank even both have generated great chemistry between each other.


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