Facebook (FB) Updates App For Faster Reading, Offline Posting On Slow Connections


Facebook latest features include offline commenting, reply and Likes on post but on slow connection speed, for those areas where internet connection is very slow or not available, previously viewed content will not be shown.


Facebook latest updates releasing several new features, as faster speed on slow connection is one of its main features. The biggest social networking site now allows some of its features to work more efficiently.

The reason is to facilitate users who have slow internet connection in underground places and where connection not available.

The new bandwidth-savings elements included in the Facebook features, it will show previously downloaded files but you can’t view those files which are previously seen.

According to new features FB can’t reorder your history; previously viewed files will not be visible to you. According to the latest updates Facebook users can view, comments replay on posts and like posts.

In October American-Led Tech Company also going to launch “2G-Tuesday” to check the experience of users on slow speed for Facebook, over 12, 000 employees going to experience this “2G-Tuesday”, will not a good experience on slow sped but It will helpful for those areas where slow or no connection available.


The main focus is to raising the market in Asia and Africa and also constructing offices in well developed countries to assure users are coming online in same way as they come online in fast connection areas and providing offline facilities to user.

Facebook team working on the latest features and updates of FB from India headquarter.

Not only Facebook, Google also going to launch many offline features like Google map so people can view map, can locate their location and can view direction where internet connections are not available.


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