Fierce clashes in Kashmir left 20 dead and 70 injured


Fierce clashes in Kashmir

Reports of fierce clashes in between protestors and Indian military are in abundance and the death toll has been too much. One such clash between Indian military and protestors took place yesterday.

Fierce clashes in Kashmir

The clash between Indian militants and government forces on Sunday morning took the lives of 20 people while 70 were gravely injured. The incident took place in Indian-administered Kashmir also known as Jammu Kashmir.

AFP news agency released a report claiming that as a result of firing opened by Indian militants, 4 civilians were instantly killed. Demonstrators were throwing stones at the moment.

Kashmir officials have also showed their concern on this incident by saying that this is one of the worst life loss incidents in recent years.

Kashmir has suffered immensely from the brutal conflict of land row between India and Pakistan.

Apart from civilian casualties, news agencies have confirmed that at least 3 Indian soldiers and 13 suspected militants have also died in his clash.


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