Fighter Jet Of United States Crashes Off Japan Island Named Okinawa


Tokyo: An Aircraft of military of United States crashed off the Okinawa which is the southern Island in Japan, as this aircraft was departed from the Kadena Airbase from United States, according to the officials.


According to the coast guard officials of Japan, a fighter jet of United States named as AV-8B Harrier Jump which was departed from the airbase of US Kadena crashed off in the eastern coast of Okinawa, an island in the southern Japan.

So in this respect coast guard of Japan deployed a rescue team and also started investigation about the crashed of this aircraft so according to them one man is rescued from the site of crash but it is not cleared in the report that how many people were on the board because it was two seated aircraft with one pilot.

As talk about the site of this island then Okinawa is most populated area of Military officers because large number of military officers lives here therefore called as home of military of US.

As according to the history of this Island that this was under the occupation of United States until 1972 but then after this date now it is the part of Japan, So more than 30 thousand military personnel of United States live in this region.

This area is so much rough as this is 150 Km east of Cape Hebdo at Kunigami village so Japan dispatched a helicopter from Kadena to rescue all the people in this aircraft.

This airbase is span from the town of Kadena to Chatan so in this area 18th Wing force of United States and also group of 353rd special operational work here.

So there is lot more to come about the full reports of this news which will able people more cleared about this whole incident.


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