Fighter Plans Of Israel Attacking Syrian Forces After Mortar Fire Hits Golan Heights


Officials of Israel announced that it is the response by their forces after the attack of Syrian army on Golan Heights because this is second hit of this kind in this running week by Syrian Forces.


Today the War fighter plans of Israel attacks on the Syrian Forces after that of second attack by the Syrian army in this running week. So it is said by the officials of the Israel Government that this is answer of these type of attack on their country by Syrian Army but it is claimed that Syrian Army attack in unpopulated area of Israel.

So in response to the Syrian Army, there was projectile fired by Israel as well as by the Syrian Army, as Israel Armed forces attack on the northern part of Golan Heights in Syria.

so this type of incident was also occurred when Israel armed forces firing back on the post of Syrian Army but in all these incidents there is no damage or death reported by both of the countries.

As Golan Heights was under the rule of Syria in 1967 but Israel armed forces occupied this area from them in this 6 days of war and annexed the territory in 1981.

So there are early statements by the Israel officials that they would not interfere in the internal attacks of Syria and Israel did hundred of wounded people from Syria who reached on the Border.

But on the other hand Israel is responsible of large number of fighter plans attacks on this country for past few years by asking that Iran and Syria is providing weapons to Hezbollah organization of Lebanon which is considered as the worst enemy of Israel but in these following days Israel is also attacking too much on Syria and its Army.


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