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Finally Narendra Singh Modi Talked about the Blood Shedding in Kashmir

NEW DELHI: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Singh Modi finally broke his silence on the blood shedding which takes place on the daily bases in Jammu and Kashmir along with that these are chances that at end of this year Indian Prime Minister Visits Pakistan.
Narendra Singh Modi while addressing a rally in Madhya Pradesh he was asked about the matter of Kashmir and he his very mush forced by the members of opposition parties to broke his silence on the matter of Kashmir as this Indian Prime Minister is the only person who is behind all this activity.
When Narendra Singh Modi opens his mouth his words are just like sugar coated bitter pills as everybody in the world knows that this worst leader of India is doing all this but his comments in the rally are these.
Every person lives in India is deeply in love with Jammu and Kashmir and the it is very difficult for them to see Kashmir in this state of volition every person have equal right to get freedom.
It also the right of Kashmir to get freedom from those are teasing them further Modi includes that it is very painful to see that the boys in teen age are caring stones in place of books and laptops and fighting with the armed soldiers this scene pears the heart of Indian Prime Minister.
But Modi while talking are these sweet comments forgets that the armed forces which are targeting the innocent civilians of Kashmir Belongs from India and India is Providing tell all the funds along with resources to kill them.
On the other side Narendra Singh Modi is planning to visit Pakistan in November of this year to attend the Saarc Summit and all the things are managed well for his trip.

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