Fireworks Blast in Indian Temple, More than 100 Killed and Many Are Injured


A massive blast in South Indian temple in which more than 100 pilgrims were killed resulted by fireworks that triggered the explosion of Pyrotechnic store by which the building of the temple collapse promptly and a stampede.


In temple of Kollam the city of Kerala, the Hindu pilgrims were busy in celebrating their beginning of religious year, suddenly a fire broke out, fire killed almost 100 Hindu pilgrims as well as the 250 peoples were injured in this badly incident.

The Chief Minister of Kerala State Oommen Chandy confirmed the death of 102 pilgrims and 280 numbers of injured people who admitted in various hospitals, this blast is in the result of poor security system because almost all pilgrims lighten fireworks in unlimited numbers and there had no any security of rescue arrangements.

The firefighter busy still from early the morning to bring the fire in control and rescue also came there to help and search the survivors who are still under the wreckage, tried their best to save the lives of the pilgrims by first aid treatment but the fear increases about the death of more pilgrims.

After such kind of fire blasts all nearly hospitals are alerted and cancel the holidays of the hospital staffs.

Prime Minister of Indian Narendra Modi said to the people that he is on his way and order the investigation agencies to investigate the original cause of the Fire blast, he expressed his regret at the deaths caused of fire in Kollam temple.

Indian Prime Minister Nerendra Modi on his way to the disaster location tweeted, “Fire at temple in Kollam is heart-rending & shocking beyond words. My thoughts are with families of the deceased & prayers with the injured.”


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