First US Strikes From Turkish Base Against ISIS Forces


United States launched on Wednesday the first air strikes against the ISIS forces in Syria first air strikes from tukey air base. Recently United States come in turkey for ISIS forces Air Strikes.



According to the Pentagon, these missions are following the green light by Ankara in July.

For the first time Wednesday, a US plane take off from a Turkish base to bomb the positions of the organization of the ISIS forces in Syria.

So far the coalition led by Washington had used the Turkish Incirlik base for sending drones, while his fighters sprang from aircraft carriers and other military sites in the region.

Today, the United States began with pilot missions against the islamic state from Incirlik Air Base Turkey. The strikes were conducted, said the Commander Elissa Smith, spokesman for the Pentagon.

According to her, these missions are following the green light by Ankara in July the Americans to use this base in the south to conduct the offensive against islamic state in Syria.

Another spokesman for the US military also said the strikes had targeted militants of the IU in Syria, forming one of the most powerful factions of the complex civil war in the country.

NATO member, Turkey had until recently refused to participate in coalition operations against the islamic state, for fear of promoting the action of Syrian Kurds fighting on the ground jihadists close to its border.

But the July 20 bomb attack in Suruc (south), who made 32 dead and assigned to ISIS forces, has changed the situation and forced Ankara to make a strategic shift.


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