Flydubai Jet Crashes in Southern Russia, Left 62 Dead


A passenger plane has crashed in the southern city Rostov-on-Don of Russia on Saturday morning though all sixty-two people on board a flydubai Boeing 737 have killed as caught fire heavily.


According to latest reports, the passenger plane the FlyDubai Boeing 737-800 was on its way to land as took off from Dubai but suddenly lost control and by attempting to land at 03:50 local time (00:50 GMT) on Saturday.

The officials told media reporters that all sixty-two people as well as seven crew on board were killed but no one knows what caused unexpected incident although high winds and poor visibility are believed to be factors of crash.

A confirmation statement came from Emirates-based FlyDubai that flight FZ981 had incidentally crashed by attempting to land. The FlyDubai Boeing 737-800 flew from Dubai international airport at 18:20GM towards Rostov-on-don and was to be landing at 22:40GMT but something went wrong.

A video footage was shown on local media, in which it appears that a huge fireball wrapping largest part of the plane in wake of crash, emergencies ministry explained, added while the fire fighters reached as soon as possible and took over an hour to overcome the fire.

The authorities have confirmed that 18 men, four children, 33 women and seven crew were on board even airline was verifying the passenger list.

However, the plane manufacturer took its Twitter sharing they were aware of the incident by the Russian’s though Boeing team is still working to collect more details about the crash.

The investigation has been started to figure out the real cause of the crash even plane’s flight recorders also being examined, though nearly 700 rescue workers were reportedly sent to the location where the crash occurred.


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