FTSE Moves: After Government Post Unassuming Budget Surplus In July London Market Falls


Stock exchange of London is suffering through great tragedies as UK Government is now transformed into a small budget surplus as expected in July as the FTSE 100 index falls with 16.5 points and comes on 6852.4.


After the European Union Referendum the stock market of London is facing many ups and downs as the points of this market are falling gradually as there is surplus of £ 1bn for these months in FTSE 100 but this is less tan £ 1.2bn of last year 2015.

Before 2015 there is a time that London Stock Exchange market is one of ruling countries in index as the shares are in surplus of more than £ 1.9bn which is expected by the economists there but with passage of time points are falling gradually.

In share index of FTSE 250 the value of point fall is 3.4 points and bring it to 17867.7 the reason behind this fall and rack up of public finance is just due to the new taxes are applied on everything as that time taxes increase in an instant.

IG market analyst Joshua Mahony said that “This has been somewhat of an indecisive week for financial markets, with holiday season meaning that trading is thin and lacking any clear directional bias.”
Rank rose 1.9p to 223.5p, William Hill raised 13.2p to 316.2p, on the other side 888 also8.8p lifted at 213.8p.

In afternoon trading the major lift in the FTSE 100 Index are Centrica (+2.3p to 236p), EasyJet (+21p to 1099p), Morrisons (+1.5p to 193.7p), BAE Systems (+3.5p to 531p) and Fresnillo (+15p to 1952p).

In afternoon trading the faller lift in the FTSE 100 Index are Persimmon (-38p to 1739p), Standard Chartered (-14p to 621.3p), Taylor Wimpey (-3p to 154.3p), Legal & General (-3.7p to 204.6p) and Prudential (-25.5p to 1371p).

The major risers in the FTSE 250 Index are William Hill (+13.2p to 316.2p), Kaz Minerals (+16.8p to 196.8p), esure Group (+8.6p to 265.3p), PayPoint (+30p to 1009p) and Metro Bank (+77p to 2412p)

The major fallers in the FTSE 250 Index are International Personal Finance (-6.3p to 269.5p), CMC Markets (-7.8p to 270.2p), Virgin Money (-5.8p to 279.7p), Tullett Prebon (-6.9p to 359.7p) and Pagegroup (-7.1p to 347.3p).


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