200 Funny And Cute Nicknames For Girls You Are In Love


funny and cute nicknames for girls you are in love

To show closeness and love to your loved ones nicknames is the best medium. In this article I am going to provide the list of funny and cute nicknames for girls you are in love. Every girl is beautiful in her own way and when you fall in love with her you love to call her with beautiful names depicting her qualities and beauty. Sometimes you fall in love with her way of talking, with her cute smile, her ways of doing little things beautifully and many other things. Believe me if you really in love with her you like her every small thing even her way of eating and your heart sends a message to your brain that because of her every action call her with a different name, a cute name or a funny nickname to show your love to her. To show her your affection and association with her calling her by cute and funny nicknames is the ultimate thing after which you can make yourself more close to her. List of funny and cute nicknames for girls you are in love are as follows:
1) When you see her, I know cuteness overloaded in your mind. Call her Cutie pie!
2) After watching her fluffy, cuddly and soft feeling comes in your mind. Call her bun buns!
3) Call her buttercup!
4) When she cuddle with you. Call her cuddles!
5) Like a cherry on top of cake complete the looks of cake. Similarly she completes your life so call her Cherry!
6) Like a little cookie she seems cute to you. So call her cookie!
7) If she takes care of you all the time and speaks with you all the time. Call her humming bird!
8) When she looks delightful and cute to you. Call her peaches!
9) When she is pure and fragile towards you. Call her dovie!
10) Like a flower she looks delicate to you. Call her daisy!
11) Gummy bear! Cuteness overloaded
12) Bubbies!
13) Giggles!
14) Cuddly-wuddly!
15) Pumpkin!
16) Chip munk!
17) Because of her exotic looks. Call her dragon fly!
18) Because of her impressive and attractive dark look at the same time. Call her eclipse!
19) Because she loves to play with snow. Call her frostbite!
20) According to her eyes color. Call her with the name of her eye color. She will love this
21) Queen!
22) Nemo!
23) Like a goldfish, she tries to fulfil your every wish. Call her Goldie!
24) Smiley!
25) Pebbles!
26) Hottie!
27) Hunny pot!
28) Princess!
29) Fairy!
30) Angel!
31) Kiso!
32) Kitty!
33) Lady bug!
34) Love bug!
35) As she always lucky charm to your life. Call her lucky charm!
36) Tinkerbell!
37) Gory florie!
38) Shmoopie!
39) Bubblegum!
40) Winey!
41) Mitzy!
42) Sniker doodle!
43) Dixie!
44) Pixie!
45) Shmoopsie poo!
46) Poo poo!
47) Chunky bunny!
48) Dora!
49) Tweetty!
50) Butter lips!

funny and cute nicknames for girls you are in love
51) Babushka!
52) Ninty minty!
53) Sweetums!
54) Buster!
55) Apple!
56) As she is your heart favorite like a snack. Call her Oreo!
57) Dear!
58) Babe!
59) Alliebear!
60) Bambi!
61) Bon-bon!
62) Bunny!
63) Buddy!
64) Jerry!
65) Flora!
66) Dear heart!
67) Sweetheart!
68) Miley!
69) Dollies!
70) Eye candy!
71) As she gives you heavenly feeling. Call her heaven!
72) To show love to her. Call her lala!
73) Pancake!
74) Pork chop!
75) Whenever she do dressing which is appealing to you. Call her sexy!
76) Snug gems!
77) Shorty! When she is short heighted but call her in cute way
78) Sugary!
79) When she do something like actress or celebrities. Call her superstar!
80) Tiger toes!
81) Twinkle!
82) Zany!
83) Tater-tot!
84) Memo!
85) Creamy girl! When she has skin tone clear and white as milk cream
86) Call her milky! To make her believe that no one else is more beautiful than her
87) Shoggy woggie!
88) Smiley!
89) Pudding pop!
90) When she gives you a feeling of warmth. Call her peanut!
91) As you love her she is everything to you which gives you a feeling of perfectness. Call her perfect!
92) Mamacita!
93) Love muffin!
94) Special star!
95) Nuggets! To show crunchy and naughty feeling for her
96) To express her as romantic story character. Call her Juliet!
97) Huggy bear! To show her the feeling that you want to hug her
98) Giggly!
99) Duckling! When she speaks continuously and in cute way
100) Dew drop!

funny and cute nicknames for girls you are in love
101) Cherub!
102) Baby angel! If she looks cute like a baby
103) Amiga!
104) Chicca!
105) Little donut! If she is chubby and cute like a donut
106) If she has attractive and charming dimples on her cheeks. Call her dimples!
107) If she sings in a melodious voice. Call her melody!
108) If she has delicate heart and get scared from everything easily. Call her tinker boo!
109) Pint size!
110) Doll face!
111) Darling!
112) If she has lot of desires and dreams to fulfil. Call her dream boat!
113) If she is the reason of your happiness. Call her happiness!
114) Apple of my eye!
115) My ultimate Lovie queen!
116) Heart throb!
117) Babylicious!
118) Cupid! To call that girl with whom you fall in love at first sight
119) If she is like an alarm which reminds you to love her exclusively. Call her valentine!
120) Snowflake!
121) Freckles!
122) If she looks like sweet sugary and cute to you. Call her jelly bean!
123) MIamour!
124) She is priceless and beautiful in every way. Call her gem!
125) If she is innocent in every way. Call her saint!
126) Temptress!
127) Boggy!
128) If she is excited all the time and filled with passion to do everything. Call her firecracker!
129) Flame!
130) Treasure!
131) Sweetie pie!
132) Spirit!
133) To call her with frisky name. Call her pussy cat!
134) Miss mischief!
135) Sweetgums!
136) Nellie!
137) Bee’s knees!
138) Magnificent glory!
139) Cherub!
140) Cow girl!
141) Hon’!
142) Giggles pie!
143) Joie! To express your feeling of joy with her
144) Love muffin!
145) Lady killer!
146) Magic princess! If you feel magical and spiritual with her
147) Pookie!
148) Pinup!
149) Tootsie wootsie!
150) If she seems delicate and flourish your life with colors. Call her petal!

funny and cute nicknames for girls you are in love
151) Lioness!
152) Universe!
153) Steamy!
154) Everything!
155) Star!
156) My galaxy!
157) If she is courageous to do everything. Call her gladiator!
158) If you are married. Call her wifey!
159) Alice! To make her resemble to wonderland girl Alice
160) Sparkly eyes!
161) Love bird!
162) Loco!
163) Adele!
164) Anastasia!
165) Padma!
166) Fantasy!
167) Fabio!
168) If you think she is a gift given by God. Call her Faddey!
169) If you think she is a healer to your every worry and discomfort. Call her Iakopa!
170) Xandra! If you think she is a true humanitarian
171) Cael!
172) Caedmon! If she is a warrior to fight against any hurdle in life
173) Sable! If she has charming black hair
174) If she is a dancing spirit. Call her kachina!
175) If she is filled with care. Call her rada!
176) Bubbies!
177) Lil’ dove!
178) Cuto!
179) If her beauty is deadly. Call her black lotus!
180) If she is day dreamer. Call her lunar!
181) Katniss!
182) Butterfly!
183) Blossom!
184) If she is friendly with you. Call her Amiga!
185) Skittles!
186) Bubba!
187) Funny hunny!
188) Mini me!
189) Fruit loop!
190) Darling!
191) Blossom!
192) Mina!
193) Hop!
194) Babette!
195) Butt head! If she has a playful nature
196) Ace! If you think she is classy
197) Gillet!
198) Snookie!
199) Hun! If she is traditional and simple in every way
200) Squirt! If she is short in height than you and she seems cute to you


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