Good Night Message for Her


Good Night Message for Her

This article consists of good night message for her, which can be sent to your wife, girlfriend or friend. Love is a feeling that can’t be only explained in words and it needs emotions, so here in this article you will find the emotions in words combined in order to give your partner a bunch of love with trust, care and pleasure. What a female partner requires from you? That’s none other than your attention, according to the research mostly girls are interested in a person who give them attention, care, love and security. Sending a good night message to her is the best thing to give pleasure to your partner that’s why in order to help you out we have written this article and. People in relationship love to have contact all the time and these little things make them happy. Few of the best goodnight messages created in this world are listed below.

  1. Nightmare can’t scare me because I always find myself thinking about you all the night. Good Night sweetheart!
  2. I love you at extreme and I can’t explain in words how much I miss you. Good Night!
  3. Lying on the bed and missing you is my favorite hobby at night, I pray for your sweet dreams. Have a Good Night.
  4. When I see stars while lying on my bed I feel like the brightest star ever is You. Good night!
  5. Before meeting you I was so awkward and pessimistic but I am thankful to you that you have changed my love through your love. Good night Love.
  6. When I come back after meeting you I always feel myself wandering in thoughts about the time we have spent together. Good Night
  7. All my sadness just vanishes when is see your face. Good night!
  8. When I look at the moon I became happy because it gives me the picture of you. Good night baby!
  9. I am sorry that I was busy today and not get time to meet you, hug you and kiss you but keep in mind that wherever I go you are always in my heart. Good night!
  10. Good Night sweetheart and take a tight hug from me through this message.
  11. If you get happy while reading our conversation, you’re not alone I am also with you in this matter. Good night!
  12. It doesn’t matter that how much older I get; you will always remain in my mind and heart. Good night.
  13. I would love to be a pillow so that I could live in your arms while sleeping. Good night!
  14. I don’t wish you good night just to say you good night but it’s just a warning from my side to take care of yourself and have safe night. Good night girl!
  15. I want to live in your arms day and night. Have a happy night love!
  16. I am unable to wait for that night when you will be sleeping in my arms in a tight hug. Good night!
  17. I can’t sleep until I talk to you at night. Good night.
  18. You are the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me. Good night!
  19. Remain happy always and live together. Have a good night.
  20. If it would be possible I would come out from this text and hold you tightly. Good night!
  21. I want to live with you at night and awake with you at day. Good Night.
  22. You know what is the most beautiful thing in this world? Your eyes when I look at their shine I forget about stars. Good night love!
  23. I just wanted to say you that may your all dreams come true. Good night.
  24. When I go out and air just touched my hairs I always feel that it’s your hand that touched my hairs. Good night princess!
  25. It doesn’t matter on how much distant we live, I am always with you through words. Have a sweet night.
  26. The day I spent with you is the best in millions I spent without you. Good Night!
  27. My tiredness always go went gone when I lay on my bed and just think about yourself. Good night love.
  28. I am thankful to God that he has given me such a precious gift in shape of you. Good night!
  29. When I feel dark, I always feel yourself as my light and I love being with you. Good Night.
  30. I wish nothing else than your companionship with me for a longer period. Good Night!
  31. I would love to be your bed so that you can sleep on me comfortably. Good night sweetheart!
  32. If i was star than you would be my shine and if I would be a flower you would be my smell. Good night baby!
  33. I always dreamed to live in your arms my whole life. Good Night!
  34. In dreams I found you living with me, that’s what I do while awake or sleep. Good night!
  35. I just saw a nightmare and after that I was pulled out from it by you and living in your arms was the best portion of the dream last night. Good night.
  36. Go to bed, lay down on your bed and see the magic you will just find me in your dreams. Good night.
  37. Sleep tight because I am coming in your dream just to give you hugs and kisses. Good Night.
  38. Star can’t compete with you when you shine in my eyes. Have a safe Night.
  39. A single thought of you removes all the tensions I got, I am thankful for having such a nice partner. Good Night.
  40. I wish I could hug you tight before going to bed every night and kiss you till the morning! Good night.


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