HBO Accidently Leak The Season’s Best “Game Of Thrones” Episode “The Door”


The Most popular heartbreaking episode of much liked series “Game of Thrones” accidently leaked on internet by HBO, lucky fans of “Game of Thrones” luckily got a chance to watch the next episode.


Before official broadcast, the heartbreaking episode was floating on surface of internet by HBO which has the responsibility to release series in time on the Nordic platform of HBO, HBO’s spokesperson told, it was just a technical temporary issue which now has been resolved.

“Game of Thrones” last Sunday episode revealed the demise of a fans favorite character and also unveiled the mysterious story behind the name but next series installment will have to clear the story and fans was waiting for next, suddenly fans got a chance to watch the next one on Torrent.

Although HBO ceased the leaking of next episode of most popular series “Game of Thrones” this year by releasing the episode on time not before somehow, the episode released online before its official broadcast.

Last time the sixth episode also surfaced online before some hours of official broadcast now the fifth episode leaked from HBO platform earlier on Torrent. Fifth episode made his way online before 24 hours of official broadcast, a high quality video uploaded on Torrent but HBO unable to trace the hacker.

The copies of the next fifth episode widely appeared on Torrent site before its official broadcast from the HBO Nordic platform, Torrent Freak told as HBO is advance in streaming technology and a helping hand too but this convenient comes up with risk of leaks.

Recently, HBO reportedly warned pirates for downloading illegally their future shows but the hacker is going to do so again and again.

The recently leaked episode revealed the death of Bran’s direwolf summer, title of six of seventh episode also hinted.


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