U.S. Major Government Mobile Phone Study Finds A Little Increase Brain Tumors In Rats


Science is uncovering numerous facts day by day as a major U.S. government mobile phone study has revealed a new fact that mobile phone radiations cause a slight increase of Brain Tumor in rats. United States government headed a mobile phone study to estimate the dangers of mobile phone; a recent major U.S. federal study has uncovered the harms of More...

by | Published 9 months ago
By The Mesh News On Sunday, March 20th, 2016

Medical School Students Suffer From Intense Drinking Problems

Latest study demonstrates that immense rise in drinking problems among medical students was seen with probability of attempting with alcohol abuse multiple time which thought to be higher than the general population. One More...

By The Mesh News On Wednesday, January 27th, 2016

Deep-Frying Vegetables Makes Them More Nutritiousm, Revealed Health Experts

We have heard from health experts years ago, the deep fried vegetables are not nutritious, while the latest study at the University of Granada in Spain discovered some different result while frying the deep fried More...