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Hijab Clad Two Muslim Women Assaulted Titled As ISIS in United States

CHICAGO: Two women a mother along her daughter her were assaulted by a women on a street just because of that these two women were in Hijab and these two are titled as ISIS women.
Damra along with her mother Siham Zahdam both are wondering in West Rogers Park situated in Neighborhood at Chicago and the unique thing about these two females as Compare to other that these both are in Hijab.
And at that time a woman come closer to these two ladies and started insulting them in front on the whole park and these two were harassed badly by a single lady as two were totally helpless there soon a crowd of people gather around them.
That women in the beginning verbally assaulted them then she gets physical and tried to take off their Hijab that whole scene is also recorded on camera by crowd and that was clear in this video this woman continuously said Damra and her mother Siham Zahdam you ISIS and this statement is repeated roundabout for 15 times.
After bearing this whole insult and physical harassment these both two went to police of Chicago for help but police don’t take this matter serious and avoid this case.
after that in an interview Damra said that toe only of her and her mother is that these both are in Hijab and there were 2 guys standing of 21 or 22 age were laughing loudly on their situation and not even a single person stepped forward to help them.
In the video one thing is clearer that Siham Zahdam said that this is what you all got from Donald J. Trump as this Nominee is totally against Muslims and public supports him in this matter by their heart and soul.

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