Hillary Clinton Elected as First Female Nominee for Presidential Election 2016


PHILADELPHIA: Democratic Party finally officially announced its nominee for the presidential election held in November and that nominee is Hillary Clinton Democratic Party made history as she is the first female candidate to win the White House Election in the history of America.

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Democratic Party arranges 4 day session of conversation ton select the candidate for the Presidential Election as Democratic Party is in great pressure because this time the candidate Republican Party is very strong.

In this session of 4 day conversation which starts from Monday and ends on Thursday but in the evening of second day Democratic Party officially announced the name of their candidate which fights for the White house in November.

The announcement shock the whole arena as the name elected by the party is Mrs. Clinton it is first time in the history that a female is standing in the election for President of America this time Democratic Party made history by announcing this name.

The opponent of Hillary Clinton the nomination of candidate is Bernie Sanders he stand against the Hillary Clinton but he is one of the great supporters Hillary Clinton at the time of result announcement Bernie Sanders himself announce the result because he is sure short that this time Hillary going to win.

According to the results Hillary Clinton got 2365 vote and the runner up Bernie Sanders got 1563 votes Bernie Sanders very happy after announcing that Hillary Clinton won the election of candidate to represent the Democratic Party.

It is for the second time that Hillary Clinton is standing in the election of candidate last time she stands against Barack Obama but she is defeated by him but now there are many chance that for the first time in American History a female is going to rule over the white house.


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