Hillary Clinton Vs Donald Trump: Candidates Refuse To Shake Before Final Round Of Presidential Debate


The third and last Presidential debate between Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican Party nominee Donald J. Trump is over with almost same like previous ones.

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The two candidates of US Presidency Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton faced off on each other at final round of Presidential race, the 90-minutes running Presidential race held at University of Navada in Las Vegas State on 19 October that starts and end with more dramatic edges.

The Wednesday’s drama run before beginning of last and third Presidential debate when they revealed they loath so much each other as they can’t exchange look even Republican Party nominee refused to shake hand with rival Democratic Party candidate.

The final Presidential debate of 2016 for election moderated by Fox News Anchor Chris Wallace which has covered as many as entitlements and debt, the economy of country, the immigration, the orders of supreme court and special highlighted on fitness of future President of United States.

As for both, the debate has high significant for both candidates and after running from fewer months, Donald Trump entered in final Presidential debate after facing defeat in paired debates with multiple sexual allegations.

Body language is more valuable for candidates and the crucial part of debate although Hillary Clinton was leading in this standard comparable to Donald Trump.

However, the respect of others counted as the necessary element in a candidate but Trump’s rude behavior over shaken hand is a big flaw in a quality President.

Trump was looking more gentlemen, toning down his bluster and wait for his turn to speak. The last and ending drama was also break out by Trump by saying he might not accept the result as he said “I’ll Keep you in Suspense.”


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