Hillary Tweet; Trump’s Golf Hobby Is Under Inspection


First month of Trump’s office includes his weekend habit; visits to Florida golf club.

Hillary Clinton had drawn the attention to Trump’s golf hobby by tweeting and its critics are turning into political handicap.

His 1st month in office is now under examination and a graph was suggested by a candidate of White House from which it is cited that he spent 25 hours on golf by making six trips to golf courses and his last trip was on Sunday with Rory Mcllroy. The graph showed his 21 hours for foreign relations, 13 hours to tweeting and 6 hours to briefings.

Hillary’s life goal was smashed by the president Trump last November, after that she made long walks to New York and gave some speeches and attended some shows and tweeted.

Now she has sharpened her voice and celebrating protests against Trump. Clinton is speaking on the policies of trump also the president has stumbled her “I told you so” land.

On Sunday Rory Mcllroy joined Trump at his golf club; Mcllroy is the world’s no. 1 golfer. He told that he played 18 holes with the president, chief of sports and former of New York.

His saying contradicted with Sarah Huckabee; spokeswoman of White House. As she said on Monday, “Mr. Trump played a couple of holes on Saturday and Sunday and will play longer”.

Trump used to criticize on Obama’s golf hobby and now this criticism is recalled by him.

In the Obama campaign Trump tweet on October 2014, “Mr. President spent his all day playing golf despite of all the problems US is facing”.

In August he tweeted, “if elected I’ll be too busy o swing even a tee, I’ll work for you rather playing a golf game”.

“You shouldn’t play this much and if you are playing you should advantage your country by this”, he continued.

From the start of his first month at office he called the Japanese prime minister and professional golf player Ernie, with them he played couple of full rounds.

Previous president George Bush and his father were also criticized on their golf outings.


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