How To Prevent Your Hairs To Fall, Look Thicker And Long Naturally


Hairs are the most important part of your personality, every girl want lengthy thicker hairs. Long hairs suit on everyone, hair fall is the biggest problem today.


Excessive use of hair products without any knowledge about your hairs is the main reason of hair fall. Your hair need proper neutrinos according to type of your hairs, one product can’t be used on anyone hairs. Here we discuss some common mistakes which cause hair fall.

Use Right Hair Brush:
The big reason cause your hair fall is use of wrong brush, hair brushes include Flat brushes, metal, bristal and mixed round bristle. Round, metal brushes are more commonly used and very helpful when you are brushing your hairs.

Your hair is just one all-over color:
All one color is considered slimming; same goes for your hair. Giving the fantasy of fuller-locks, Scared of zigzag up with in chunks ’90s highlights. In its place of single-toned hair, it creates dimension, there are many ways to make highlights and lowlights look completely natural, including balayage and beyond.

Those updos are pulling your hair too tight:
Slicked-back ponytails and tight topknots, tremendously tight and pulled back. They pull on the hair follicle; promote fracture, ultimately, hair loss and thinner-looking hair. Experts recommend a loose, low braid or simple beach waves instead of tight topknots.

Don’t use the wrong products:
Choosing the right and quality products is very essential for your hair. Peoples generally choose low quality products or wrong products which is big mistake. Concern with hair experts and ask which products are best suited for your hairs.

Your cut is too blunt:
On top of cutting layers from side to side, add face-framing pieces, whether it’s a side-swept knock or a few usual layers. For girls with shoulder-length hair or longer, cuts that require any kind of layering can absolutely make hair appear thinner.


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