Hrithik Roshan In Germany: Retreatment At Health Farm


To recover his expended energy Hrithik Roshan is at a health farm for two weeks to avoid the madding crowd.

From sources it has been found that last year was stressful for Hrithik as his marriage broke in the last year,MohenjoDaro’semphatic failure, controversy related to Kangana Ranaut. Despite of all this Hrithik shown strength to his two sons and parents and no one knew that how he faced this hard time.

Hrithik consecrated that after the release of his latest movie Kaabil he would go to health resort for self-introspection.

Focused on nutrition and fasting, a health Spa is being offered at this health Resort and Hrithik chose to avail this after he came to know about this from someone. Hrithik is going to take this Health Spa without company of any friend or family member and it is expected that he is going to return in first week of March.

So Hrithik is on a break: Visiting a health Spa


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