Huge Factory Fire Take Place In Bangladesh, 15 Killed 70 Seriously Injured


A huge fire take place in a plastic bags making factory as the boiler of the factory explodes and in result of this whole factory set on fire and 15 people killed as well as 70 people are injured badly.


On Saturday at early morning when time was of 6:15 AM a local factory of Bangladesh situated in the town Tongi which is in the northern portion of Bangladesh’s Capital Dhaka this town is full of factories as it is known as the industrial area.

On Saturday morning when every this was going as per routine than the a boiler is the boiler room of plastic bags manufacturing factory explodes in result of this the whole factory set on fire as there is plastic and chemical everywhere so the fire spreads everywhere in just few seconds.

This factory is a four story building and all the floors are full of chemicals as well as of plastic when the boiler explode than the whole building set on fire the boilers are set in the middle portion of building when the boiler explode the fire comes towards the lower portion of building which is full of chemicals and there was another blast in chemical.

20 fire fighters units are called to take control over fire but it take long time to control the fire in result of huge factory fire 15 people are killed in result of this fire at the spot only 5 people are killed other 10 are killed in differed hospital.

On the other side 70 people are injured and these are all admit in different hospital of Dhaka and according to the report of doctor 30 people are in critical condition and there is slightly chance that only 22 of these injured people will survive their wounds.


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