Hundred Questions To Ask A Girl Whom You Wanna Date


A girl is a very delicate creation of nature and if a boy is really in to her he must take care of every little thing to get close to her. In this article I am going to provide information by the help of 100 questions to ask any girl whom you want to date and for whom you want to get close. Someone has rightly said that if you want to get close to anyone you must spend time with them but if a girl is stranger to you and want to spend time with her then by talking to her for several hours is the good choice and to talk with her you must have a lot of questions because this is the ultimate way by which you can know about her and can be with her for life time if she is in your choice as a life partner.
Girls are very sensitive so you must be careful about asking anything weird from her. As in this article I am going to provide information about 100 questions to ask a girl whom you wanna dateso you must use such ways in which a girl must not feelembarrassed. To get close to a girl a guy must have to do himself zero and take care of only her preferences. Here I am going to provide list of 100 questions to ask a girl whom you wanna date and it is as follows:

1. Where would you go if you get an option to visit the whole world?
2. Wow! You have got such a beautiful name. What is the meaning of your name?
3. Hey! If you got a vacation for next three days. What would you like to do?
4. How many friends do you have and which one is your favorite friend?
5. In next 10 to 5 years what do you think you are going to achieve?
6. Is emotional intimacy has some importance according to you?
7. Wow! Your skin is so fresh. How much water do you drink per day?
8. Are you interested in amazing historical events?
9. What are you social preferences?
10. Do you like to use social applications for fun?
11. You are really very beautiful; if you get a chance to become a fairy what are you going to do?
12. What do you do when you do not remember lyrics of your favorite songs?
13. Are you interested in meeting your favorite celebrities?
14. How many siblings do you have?

15. Which of your siblings has face resemblance with you?
16. Are you interested in doing any business?
17. Do you support feminism and want to live independent like men?
18. What is the ultimate desire on which you are stuck till now?
19. Do you have firm believe in fairy tales?
20. If you are given the chance to rewind any past event, which event you would like to rewind?
21. Do you think there is any song which you think can describe your whole life?
22. Do you like going to zoo?
23. Do you like to have pets with you?
24. From how much time you are dating guys?
25. What kind of man do you like to date?
26. What are the things you think your life partner must have?
27. Do you have any interest in flowers?
28. Do you like eating at any time you like?
29. Are you weight conscious?

30. Are you beauty conscious?
31. Do you like to read books in your spare time?
32. Do you like poetry?
33. Do you believe in expressing deep emotions through poetry?
34. Are you interested in money making?
35. What will you do if you become a millionaire?
36. Which of the friends you think that can describe your life story in their words?
37. Which of the friends do you think can never leave you in any hour of difficulty?
38. Who was your first friend in your childhood?
39. Do you have your childhood pics till now?
40. Do you believe in love at first sight?
41. If you are given one chance to pick one thing from anywhere the world. Which thing you are going to choose?
42. If you got stuck in any deserts at night alone what will you do then?
43. What is your preference to spend time alone or to party with friends?
44. If you are given the chance to do any kind of job which job you will do?

45. Do you think couple must spend whole day together to know about each other?
46. Are you patriotic?
47. Which one thing would you like to change regarding your country?
48. Do you like to play games?
49. Is winning a game is important to you?
50. Do you only play for fun or to win a game?
51. Do you get angry at once or you are patient enough?
52. If you are given an option to change bad things about yourself which things you will change and why?
53. What are the good qualities do you think you have?
54. Did you face any kind of betrayal in relationships in past?
55. Were you good at studies?
56. Are you an early to bed and early to rise person?
57. What is your mother language?
58. Where did you spend your childhood?
59. Did you do fishing when you were a child?
60. Did you run after you ring the doorbell of your neighbor in your childhood?

61. If you were in a relationship previously then what was the reason behind your breakup?
62. Did you hate anyone till now?
63. Are you interested in lot of shopping?
64. Do you think I am a good guy or not?
65. Which are the things you like the most in me?
66. What are you dream spots regarding date?
67. What qualities you think your life-partner must have?
68. Do you believe in arrange marriage?
69. Do you believe in spending whole life with one person chosen by your parents?
70. Long distance relationships have any kind of worth regarding your thoughts?
71. Do you have any passion in your life?
72. Do you expect I will be good in a relationship or not?
73. Are you a sensitive person who cries at emotional moments?
74. Is there anything in your life about which you regret the most?

75. Do you like to sit with elders?
76. What was the best advice any elder gave you till now?
77. If you are given the chance to spend time with me or your friends what will be your answer?
78. Did you suffer from any kind of disease since now?
79. What will be your reaction if you come to know that I still talk to my EX?
80. Did you ever used drugs just for fun?
81. Do you like to participate in politics?
82. Are you a mind following person or a heart following?
83. Is your EX is still in your thoughts?
84. What was the best feeling you felt since now?

85. Are you conscious about your first impression in any date?
86. Do you have any spiritual emotions?
87. What are your religious views?
88. Do you want me to follow any celebrity so that you start liking me more?
89. What was the funny and embarrassing moment you faced up till now?
90. What was the worst experience in your life after your life changed in positive direction?
91. Do you think a guy must understand in every step of life?
92. Do you hate possessive guys?
93. Is my dressing attracts you?
94. Which was your favorite color when you used to do drawing in childhood?

95. Do you hate smoking of guys in front of girls?
96. What is the one thing you would like to change about me?
97. Do you have habit of dreaming?
98. Do you like artistic things?
99. Speak a line regarding an ideal relationship?
100. At which number I will be in your list to which you will call while sharing your happiness.


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