IIFA Awards 2016: Deepika Padukone, Hrithik Roshan Along His 2 Sons Enjoyed A Lot At Madrid


The 17th series of International Indian Film Award (IIFA) is in sunniest city of Spain Madrid in this biggest event of bollywood many celebrities participated some of also perform in IIFA to increase the grace of this memorable event.


Everybody is very much excited see the IIFA awards 2016 but it seems like that some celebrities are more than excited than their fans to participate in IIFA.

Some celebrities takes their flights and flies for Madrid before the schedule just for enjoyment and for visiting Madrid in the list of this early visitors of Madrid Deepika Padukone and Hrithik Roshan are on the top of the list.

Some pictures of Deepika Padukone comes on social media in which she is stand wearing an apron in a Spanish hotel and cooking something with the help of a professional chef of that hotel in the sidelines of IIFA Deepika Padukone is enjoying her tour by cooking meals.


This stunning and hot actress wears a lace dress of white color as usual deepika Padukone is looking very stunning and sexy in these pictures wearing white lace dress with sandals in these pictures the tattoo of Deepika Padukone on her left feet is also prominent.

On the other side Hrithik Roshan comes to Madrid before the schedule along his two sons Hrehaan Roshan who is 10 years old and other one is Hridhaan Roshan who is 8 year old.

These teams of father and son have enjoyed a lot and the selfie of Hrithik Roshan with his 2 sons in the zoo of Madrid in front of bears cage is very popular on social media sites as this picture is extremely adorable Hrithik Roshan also faces many difficulties in finding the ways in Madrid he always keeps a map with him to decide that which way is right to go.


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