In Iraq Two Bomb Blasts And Firing in Shopping Center 30 People Killed


Baghdad: Two major bomb blasts occurred in capital of Iraq and a group of terrorists make firing in local shopping place in which almost 30 people were died and many got serious injuries.


According to a news report, last day, two serious bomb attacks faced by public of Iraq in which many people departed from that life. When large number of citizens busy in shopping then, an unknown group entered and opened fire and killed 10 innocents on the spot.

Foreign news agency mentioned in a report first blast happened in front of a big casino and second one in a local building in which almost 20 people died on the spot and lot of men and women got serious injuries. Muslim countries Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria are facing harsh civil war in those days.

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant means Daesh increased the concept of freedom war against local Government and all other nations who tries to increase disturbance in Muslim states. Last day, Russian fighter planes attacked on a school in which 12 students killed.

Capital of Iraq also faced a severe attack on a business market by gunmen in which almost 10 people were died and all attackers run away from that place after completing their task in few minutes. Terrorism is increasing everyday in Baghdad and other Muslim countries.

Approximately, 30 to 40 people killed in Iraq and Syria on everyday and that quantity increase day by day because Russia, America want to take over all control of that two countries but till now, they faced only crush. Two famous militants groups named Al-Qaeda and Daesh took defensive position against enemies.

United Nations did not introduce any law for stoppage of that harsh civil war from Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria that’s why terrorism increased in whole world.


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