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In Result Of Cross Border Fire 7 People Killed In Saudi Arabia By Yemen

CAIRO: Saudi Arabia is again under attack 7 people killed in Saudi Arabia due to a missile attack from the side of Yemen in the southern city Najran on Tuesday eve.
It is not for the first time that Saudi Arabia is attacked form the side of Yemen and most of the time the responsibility of the attacks is claimed by the Houthis militants as Saudi Arabia wants to finish these militants from the world.
These Houthis Militants are actually known as Ansar Allah and this organization is come in front of the world at 2004 as these rebels are lead by the Houthi insurgency in Yemen against the President of that time who is Ali Abdullah Saleh further this group of rebels start fighting against Saudi Arabia.
This latest missile attack is fired by the rebels of this Houthis organization on the southern city of Saudi Arabia Najran this attack is done on the beautiful eve of Tuesday but this eve is not so beautiful for a long time this missile attack is one of the greatest airstrikes by Houthis rebels.
In the result of this attack total 7 people have lost their lives from which 4 are the national citizens of Saudi Arabia and 3 are the foreigners and 3 non citizens are not tourist there they are normal workers from different countries and performs little neighbors to full fill their needs.
Actually this attack is the answer of airstrikes done by Saudi Arabia on Yemen on Monday and Tuesday and in the result of these attacks 35 people are killed from these 35 peoples 17 are killed in the hospital of Doctors Without Borders organization situated in the north of Yemen for the treatment of injured peoples in different attacks.

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