India-Pakistan Cross Border Shelling, At Least Three Killed


The situation between India and Pakistan become offensive day by day, the cross border shelling of India and Pakistan killed two civilians of Pakistan killed in cross border violence by India while a single soldier killed on other side.


The escalating tension between India and Pakistan over Kashmir has reached to an offensive situation; the rules of Line of Control violated every day and valuable lives ruined.

The tensions between nuclear armed neighbor countries simmers on Monday when violence of control resulted in the killing of two civilians in Pakistan side while one soldiers of Indian army executed to death on 24 October.

The senior officials of Pakistan Army revealed the cross border shelling hit sectors of Pukhlian, Harpal and Charwah along the disputed working boundary of India and Pakistan, the “Working Boundary” separates the Indian administrated Jammu region from Pakistan’s Punjab province.

Meanwhile, Indian Army unveiled cross border shelling affected areas of Pargwal, Kanachak and Pura sectors.

The Kashmir has been the bone of contention between India and Pakistan since the separation of Pakistan from subcontinent and marked his existence on 14 Aug 1947, British administrator has divided the beautiful valley of Kashmir in two parts which is Jammu Kashmir and Azad Kashmir.

The tension has been escalated when Indian armed forces killed a youngest Kashmiri in July then stream of mass protests unleashed in Kashmir against Indian administrator.

While the situation become uncontrollable when Kashmiri’s allegedly attack Indian army in Uri sector and killed 18 militants, rather than Kashmiri People Indian directly blamed Pakistan for Uri attack.

Pakistan’s armed forces said, only one year old innocent child killed in wild cross border shelling by Indian army so Pakistani army respond to India where Pakistani force succeeded to knock down one soldier of Indian military.


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