India Requested, China To Push Bilateral Relations To Take Care Of Our Interests


Indian government requested to Chinese government that if they want to create a great mutual understanding between China and India.


it is possible only on one condition that China has to take care for the interest of India because according to foreign policies it is not possible that China cuts the roots of India and India always obey the China no matter what happens to India.

Basically India is very hyper now a day’s as its application for the membership in Nuclear Suppliers Group is rejected just for China.

because from start to end China stands against the membership of India dozens of countries are supporting India for membership until that China left alone who is against the membership but China don’t left its point and successful in its purpose.

Vikas Swarup spokesperson of Ministry of External Affairs said that India has tries its level best to impress China to start mutual relationship India puts aside its own interests just to create a great mutual understanding and relationship.

but China is as it is China don’t shows any response over Indian efforts and it is possible that India bear all the pain of efforts forget its own interest but in return China stand against India this is not a way to create a relationship if China is interested to improve the relations than China has to take care for the interest of India.

During the meeting of Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Chinese President Xi Jinping at Tashkent which is on the side line of Shanghai Cooperation Organization Prime Minister Narendra Modi tries its level best to urge China to supports India to be the part of Nuclear Suppliers Group but China along with some other countries don’t supports India.


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