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Indian Forces At Occupied Kashmir Locked Up All The Mosques Of Srinagar

SRINAGAR: India is not ending its oppression at Kashmir and continuously trying its level best to tease the Muslims of Kashmir this time Indian Forces locked up all the Mosques at Kashmir to stop Muslims from performing their religious activities.
From last 35 days curfew is applied on Kashmir and Indian forces are killing the innocent Muslims on daily bases till now more than 80 Muslims are killed and dozens are injured in different attacks done by Indian forces.
India is not now killing the Muslims they are also taking all the facilities from the residents one by one this time on Friday when Muslims are ready to say the holly payer of Friday Indian Forces first close the Masjid Jamia.
after that when they observe that Muslims are going towards other different Mosques they locked up all the other Mosques including Shah E Hamdan (R.H) Mosque, Tawarikhi Hanfia Jamia Masjid Ishber.
The basic targets of Indian Force are the different leaders of Freedom Movement in Kashmir and the basic reason behind closing all the mosques is that Indian Forces wants to stop the rallies taken out by Freedom Leaders further for controlling these activities India putting its all effort to catch these leaders.
Now the situation in Kashmir is that form last 35 days all sort of public transport business centers government sectors as well as the common general and departmental stores are closed in result of this people of Kashmir are facing many crises the most shocking situation is that the medicines form hospitals are also finished.
So now there are no more medicines and bandages for the treatment of injured persons many residents are also facing shortage of food as their food stocks are now ended and all market places are closed so there is no source to get food and things of basic needs.

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