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Indian Police Arrested 3 Gang Members Who Raped A Yong Girl With Her Mother

Indian Police stared crackdown against the men and groups which are involved in the activities of rape and in the result of this crackdown police have successfully arrested 3 men which rape a young girl along her mother.
On 29 July 2016 35 years old women along her daughter which is 14 years old both are raped by a professional group and this group continuously rape these two victims for more than 3 hours after that these both two are in hospital and till now under treatment.
On Monday night police after great struggle of 10 days arrested 3 men from Bulandshahr city which is situated in the northern portion of Indian State Uttar Pradesh that young girl along her mother was also raped in this same city from which these men are arrested.
After investigation police came to know that these 3 men are the member of Bawaria Gang and it is a tribal group and this group is full of professional thieves and robbers they are involved many other cases as well as in the rape case but all the times they drought the police well and continue their activates in different areas.
Javeed Ahmed who is the director general of Uttar Pradesh Police said on Monday night at 11 PM that police successfully arrested these 3 men who are totally involved in different types of activates and also rape that mother and daughter.
After that police said that this group consists of 15 members and many FIR’s are registered on them but police is unable to arrest them but now the time has come and all these thieves and robbers are going to be arrested by the police one by one and all will be punished well by them.

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