Indian police searching for baby snatching monkey


According to bbc news Indian police search for monkey that snatched baby

Indian police searching for baby snatching monkey

India Police is keeping a lookout for a monkey that allegedly snatched a baby in India. Baby’s dead body was later found in a well located in eastern state of Orissa.

Mother of the baby saw the whole incident but was unable to stop it.

Baby was found by a relative in a well behind their house on Sunday. The body was found after a day of incident.

According to police officials this is a special case as monkeys have only been known to cause property damage.

In an interview to BBC reporters Police officer Pardahn told that they are going to catch this monkey in a week.

He further added by saying that,

“while monkeys have been known for attacking humans or entering houses for food but a monkey snatching away a child is very first time.”

Police have taken the help of a local tribe which specializes in catching monkeys.

Forest officials told BBC interviewers that the alleged monkey snatched the baby from his home on Saturday early in the morning. The baby at the time of snatching was inside home so the case seems a little unprecedented but we are trying our best to capture such a wild animal that can be a threat in future too.

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The body of the child was examined by a female doctor who claims that there were no marks of injury on child’s body. The child seems to have died due to asphyxiation after drowning in the well.

Local people have presented their thoughts on the incident by saying, that monkey might have dropped the baby in well after running away with baby.


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