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iPhone 7 Plus May Come with Whopping Storage Option, Release Date, Specs, Features & Price

The Cupertino, California based world’s largest giant tech company said to have sport bigger storage options and larger battery capacities in its upcoming machine iPhone 7 Plus which will be most-wanted for everyone.
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Some tech websites have been claiming constantly that Apple will have equipped a bigger 3,100 mAh battery and whopping 256 GB storage option as well will be carrying out some other major improvements which couldn’t discover in current-generation iPhone 6S Plus.
If latest rumors are to be believed so enhancement in iPhone 7 Plus size would tag its name on top and would be highly expected machine over the current-generation iPad Pro that came with a maximum storage option of 128 GB.
Some analysts have been highlighted over whether the iPhone 7 Plus will be in reach it’s an entry-level 16 GB variant, or its storage options will be begun at 32 GB and will jump from 128 GB to 256 GB.
If other rumors are to be believed the iPhone 7 will not have a 3.5mm headphone socket as the Apple’s designers will have constructed the device with a thinner iPhone 7 that shows headphone socket will be trimmed, or will have a 2.5mm one.
Nonetheless, iPhone 7’s reportedly removal of its home button in upcoming this machine makes the sense the next creation will come with a bigger screen display, though it would have rumored to be thinner and lighter body.
The Apple also sports a waterproof technology same its rivals have been designing in its recent and upcoming models, even a headphone jack as well as lightning connector will also be part of the iPhone 7 Plus.
Analysts have been claimed iPhone 7 may be rolled out in end of first quarter of 2016, while some other claimed the device will be released in September.

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