iPhone 7 Release Dates, Features, Camera, Specification, Prices & Data You Want To Know


Apple wants to introduce another smartphone of iPhone series, iPhone 7 also most awaited device for millions users and fans in whole world.

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According to latest tech news report, roumers about upcoming flagship device iPhone 7 who have lot of new developed features. Company increased market reputation by introducing wireless charging app among thigh resolution touch screen. The best thing is that people of America did not make believe on that function of iPhone 7 making its fast and reliable to all other coming devices.

As far as, specification and reliabilities of upcoming Apple product ‘iPhone 7’ is concern so company probably made 5.8 screen size along with OLED display of files. Camera of that giant featured with 13 megapixel back results and 8 in secondary part like front side pictures.

iPhone 7 coming with high Sapphire glass that is not easily breakable and company also proved that by getting first use.

iPhone 7 will make attractive show near in future when users see button less design making it slim and wireless charging system. Another big name in the world of smart phones Samsung also facilitated to his consumers by giving wireless charging ports but Apple developed in upcoming iPhone installment.

Apple will introduce iPhone 7 in September, flagship device featured with dust and water proof existence, OLED display instead of giant LCD which is also currently being used officially, prices of that product did not announce by company but people expecting near in 1000-1200 US dollars.

Upcoming device is backing with latest operating system Arizona based plant run by advanced sensors and motile android apps.

Senior official of Apple Company told that our next version of iPhone series having large display mode and scrathable touch force touch making its powerful and less heated, users can take quality pictures for sharing social media sites.


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