Iran Ordered To Pay $10.5 Billion For 9/11 By US Judge


New York: American court issued orders about 9/11 attacks in which Iran was founded guilty and will pay almost 10 billion dollars in recovery of that loss to all needy families or insurance companies.


According to latest foreign news report, last day, American judge George Daniels ruled that Iran must give almost 7.5 billion US dollars to all damaged families of 9/11 attacks and 3.5 will pay to insurance companies for recovery of all losses in result of these big three attacks more than 3000 people killed and many were got serious injuries but now, may be big change would come in upcoming days.

Iran did not attend any court hearing about these attacks for the purpose of improving his guiltless so, court said that Tehran management also provided strong support to three terrorist for hijacking of planes in America for destroying the economy wing named World Trade Center in September 2001 in which lot of people departed from that life.

A big decision came about 9/11 attacks in America in which district judge made complete investigation of all facts and figures then gave orders to Tehran for making payment of almost 10.5 billion dollars to these parties who faced harsh damages in result of terrorism but till now, any official consignment does not introduce by Iranian government.

In those days, Iran also faced many restrictions about his development imposed by United States and now, he was blamed to pay a big recovery amount in result of helping out to all attackers of 9/11 attacks held in September 2001.

Oil richer country introduced successful experiment of developed atomic ballistic missiles because they want to make their self as emerging power in the world.

Recently, Saudi Arabia hanged a famous Shia religious personality named Nimr-Al-Nimr in result of that all diplomatic relations took bad condition then, both countries ended up their government connection.


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