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Iran's Revolutionary Guards Arrested Iranian-British National Charges Spy Of British Intelligence

IRAN: Iran Government has arrested a British National Iran who is owner of Dual nationality of Iran and Britain under the charges of spying that this person is linked with the British Intelligence.
This Iranian British National person is arrested under the charges that he is a spy agent of British National Intelligence and he is in Iran for a special purpose and he is working hard to achieve its goal.
According to the Tehran prosecutor General Abbas Jafari-Dowlatabadi this man is working in the field of economics of Iran as he wants to collect the secret information of Iran nuclear deals with the world powers in previous year as these deals of Iran disturbs the British because Iran is now showing great progress in the field if chemistry and nuclear.
Till now the only information available about this British Spy is that he is working in the field of Economy and nothing else even the name of this person is kept secret by the authorities this not for the first time that Iran arrested the Dual national Persons under the charges of Spy in past few months the Iran’s Revolutionary Guards have arrested 6 persons.
And 3 of these arrested persons are arrested in past few days and these three dual nationals belong from Canada, Britain and America and all these are waiting for their trails these arrested people also include the a British Charity Worker in Iran named as Nazanin Zaghari Ratcliffe.
This 37 years old lady was arrested at the airport of Tehran along with her daughter of Gabriella which is of 2 years and these is going back to her home country after spending vacations in Iran and the allegation on her by the Government of Iran is not clear that in which illegal matter she was involved.

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