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IS Leader Hafiz Saeed Khan Killed In US Drone Strike Confirmed By Pentagon

On Friday Pentagon has confirmed that the great leader and commander Hafiz Saeed Khan of IS Group of Militants in Pakistan and Afghanistan is killed in a drone strike and this time news is confirmed that he is really dead.
Hafiz Saeed Khan is one of the great leader of IS as he is involved in some of the most destructive attacks done IS this great is chosen as leader of IS in January 2015 he is used to serve the province Khorasan and his head quarter was also in Khorasan.
In July 2015 America targeted this one of the great leaders of IS and after this attack Pentagon in 2015 confirms that IS lost its another great leader asthe stick was very much strong and Pentagon is very confident that he cannot survive that attack.
But somehow after few months later Hafiz Saeed Khan again appears on the scene and continues its terrorist activities and the west was shocked to see that how it is possible that a man can survive through this type of attack.
Latter on Hafiz Saeed Khan show his presence this leader attack on Afghanistan and that attack was one of the strongest attacks attempted by IS in this attack which is lead by Hafiz Saeed Khan 80 people are killed and 230 were injured.
In result of this attack America done an operation which continues for 3 days in this attack America targeted the headquarters of IS and killed 120 IS militants but it was not confirmed that this time Hafiz Saeed Khan was killed or not.
But on Friday Pentagon confirms the news that Hafiz Saeed Khan is no more and this news is official and confirmed that this leader was dead in the drone attack of July 2016 and he was killed in Nangarha Province.

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