Ishant Sharma Got Engaged With Indian Basketball Player Pratima Singh


Ishant Sharma is a famous Indian fast bowler got engaged with Pratima Singh she is also an athlete and part of Indian women basket ball team.


Ishant Sharma and Pratima Singh both are engaged after a long time friendship now both decided to start a relationship.

Families of these two athlete are totally agreed from their relationship their statement was that these tow are now totally mature and knows well what is good for them and what is bad for them if they loves each other truly and wants to start a relationship than it is a positive thing and we are totally agreed from this relationship.

For a long time Pratima Singh is a girl friend of Ishant Sharma now both are in a state of starting a relationship and this is the golden period for them now these love birds are just engaged but also planning to get married till the end of this year.


Longs hairs are the part of Ishant Sharma cool personality Rohit Sharma who is brother of Ishant Sharma and also a very good and close friend says to Ishant Sharma in his tweet after congratulating this newly engaged couple that brother you should have a hair cut on his special occasion of your life.

The engagement ceremony of Ishant Sharma and Pratima Singh takes place in Uppal Orchid in Delhi in this ceremony the family members of these two love birds are present and also some close friends of Ishant Sharma and Pratima Singh are invited in this memorial ceremony.


Now Ishant Sharma is not the part of Indian team he is now preparing for the four test matches played by India against West Indies due to his leg injury.

Pritma Singh belongs to a family of athletes and including her these are 5 sisters and all are in Indian Basket ball team.


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