ISIS Jihadists Killed 232 Civilians And Abducted 8,000 Families Near Mosul


Islamic State of Iraq and Syria militants slaughtering hundreds of civilians and abducted around 8,000 people near Mosul in order to use them as “Human Shield” for defying extremist organization Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.


The civilians near to Iraq’s second largest city Mosul are being slaughtered day by day because the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria’s Jihadist brutally killing Iraqis.

ISIS has not only slaughtered 232 people they abducted more than 8,000 families from nearest villages, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is becoming more cruel as they using kidnapped families as “Human Shield” to protect themselves from heavy attack of Iraq, Kurdish and United States armed forces.

United Nations’ High Commissioner for Human Rights has revealed Daesh (ISIS) militants has murdered round about 140 civilians of Iraq’s military and there are 42 numbers of civilians who carried out to death in brutal manner.

Mostly, the killed people are refusing to obey ISIS orders and also have extreme pressure of forces that are continuously recapturing the whole city.

The abducted civilians have brought into the city and used them Human Shield to protect themselves from surrounding threats, the families including thousands of women and children that slaughtered in Mosul by militants of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

ISIS had taken a strong hold in Iraq’s second largest city for some time but now Iraqi forces to knock out them from city, to carry out the massive program Iraq’s Army receiving a heavy support of Kurdish Forces as well as U.S military led officials vows to recapture the city from ISIS.

The massive operation has been driven for last week and military forces have recaptured the neighbor villages of city, forces are keeping close their circle on Islamic State of Iraq and Syria’s militants.


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