ISIS Jihadists Killed 30 Civilians Of Afghanistan’s Ghor Province Abducted From Remote Provinces


The Islamic state of Iraq and Syria kidnapped dozens of civilians from remote provinces, all abducted victims shot dead to avenge the death of ISIS militant commander.


The Afghanistan’s Ghor province officials blame Islamic State of Iraq and Syria for abducting the civilians of remote areas, the kidnapped victims that are around 30 carried out to death to take revenge of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria’s commander militant.

Officials have claimed 30 civilians of Ghor province was shot to death late on Tuesday on 25 October 2016. On Wednesday, Reuters reported the kidnapped civilians killed by ISIS militants in Firozkoh district.

Abducted victims are mostly belonging to third class people in which larger amount of farmers existed when they were collecting firewood in mountains. According to BBC new agency, earlier Deash (IS) commander was killed and its considered the revenge for his death. Spokesmen for provincial governor Abdul Hai Khatibi said,

“Afghan police killed a Daesh commander in Ghor province during an operation yesterday [Tuesday] but Daesh fighters abducted some 30 civilians from near the provincial capital and shot them all dead in revenge.”

It is also revealed by the spokesmen for provincial governor the militants carried out the attack and the rebel Taliban group has now become the part of IS for last year as they changed their white flag to black.

The central province of Afghanistan, Ghor is one of the largest isolated province of the country, its harsh winter and mountainous terrain have badly affected it shelters as it has worst conflict with Taliban group.

The death toll still not measures exactly as some local Medias reportedly claiming of casualties of 36 innocent people of remote provinces that was first abducted and then shot to dead for revenge.


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