ISIS Militants Vibrated Yemen’s Aden with Suicide Bombings Killed 26


Aden: Again Muslim country Yemen shacked with suicide bombings occurred southern area where three ISIS bombers aimed to security checkpoint resulting in that 26 people killed on the spot and dozens were got serious injuries.


Famous militant group Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant well known as ISIS struck three suicide bombings attack in Yemen’s city Aden on a local security check post in which almost 26 people executed on the spot and many were damaged seriously claimed by terrorists is that first anniversary attack of civil war desalted in this country.

Eyewitnesses and local news reports told that 3 bombers flew up their bodies in front of security check point used by Saudi led forces who is busy in fighting with ISIS group on early in the morning of Fridays resulted in killing 26 people troops and citizens concluded in that explosion.

Responsibility also took by ISIS and gave threat to local supervision about further attacks in southern areas because in those days, Syria, Yemen and Afghanistan are facing the problem of civil war in which thousands Muslim killed.

A local spokesperson of government told that terrorists also want to destroy all coalition command bases using by NATO and other led forces against with them so, they collapsed three blasts in which mostly civilians departed from that life but any harmful strike against ISIS militants did not prove recent times and now they also busy in evaporating state by increasing damages.

Recently, almost 60 people killed in Syria when they all of them busy in shopping from market but may be security council would be save Muslims from that knock in upcoming days or not.

Saudi led army entered in Yemen before one year ago along with American and British forces and that was not faceable for ISIS militants that are why they want to eliminate whole control.


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