ISIS Plotting For Target: Intelligence Head Warned Spanish, French And Italian Beaches Resorts


Islamic State ISIS is planning to attack on European beaches in summer holidays for the sake of security purpose intelligence agencies head look to be in action against ISIS target.


Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant suspected to target European resorts in summer holidays due to the reason of the being present a huge number of peoples.

intelligence agencies also depicts that pledged allegiance of ISIS would try to bury explosive material under sun lounger at beaches, before exploding suicide belts they tried to close with tourist in pose of beach sellers.

Italian beeches informed for the terror attack by a credible source of Africa, terrorist made a concrete for target although according to a media report their plan has to use automatic weapons, suicide bombing as well as they could buried some explosive devices under sand.

A quote by a newspaper, ‘It could be a whole new dimension of terror, Holiday beaches cannot be protected.’ regarding security of beaches.

These holiday beaches not protected because last year in summer holidays at Tunisia beach a gunman fired suddenly that cause the causalities of almost 38 people in which 30 of were British.

The threat of attack stems because Nigerian terror group co-operate at high level with the leader of ISIS.

Police Chief Seck Pouye of the Senegalese town of Sally stated about the terrorist who disguised their loyalty to extremist regularly travels to Italy with legal documents and visas, they looked like a business men or traders that are why these disguised are more dangerous.

However European countries like Spain, Italy and France alerted for the serious terrorist attack by intelligence agencies chief but Germany still not issued any of traveling warning and etc, for the potential terror attack.


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