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Isis Threaten World To Target Upcoming Miss Universe Pageant Event In Philippine

ISIS the group of terrorists shares a new video on Telegram and give a message to the IS members live in Philippine to manage a attack and target the Miss Universe Pageant contest which is going to held in 2017 at Philippine.
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The ISIS militants have successfully finds their new target this time they are going a hit a whole Pageant Event which is organized to find a new Miss Universe and the venue of this Contest is Philippine and as per organized schedule this contest is going to done in January 2017.
The latest video message shared by the ISIS militants is first reviled on Telegram in this address the terrorists first address the men who in love with martyrdom and their ultimate desire is to get martyrdom.
After that brain washing address the terrorists told the ISIS members live in Philippine to target the upcoming event of Miss Universe which will be held in their country and gives open chance to everybody that go and hit that event as this event is organized by West and West is the biggest enemy of ISIS.
Further in this video message the terrorist teach well that how to make an effective explosive jacket along with a 49 paged journal is also shred in the vied so that if a person tries to make that explosive jacket he has all sort of knowledge that what are the steps which he has to follow.
On the other side the Intelligence of Philippine takes this message seriously and said that they will sort out this matter and make sure that in January 2017 the world will get the new Miss Universe and these is hope that new Miss Universe also belongs from Philippine just like the previous Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach.

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