Islamic State Celebrates Brussels Attack in Syria, Distributes Candies in Children


After carrying out heavy explosions at Brussels Zaventem airport that left 34 dead, Islamic State feels pride over its brutality even celebrated the Brussels attack in Syria distributing candies in children.


Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant had claimed for responsibility of bombings in Brussels though threatened to bring more in those countries who are trying to weak position of fighter group.

IS said in statement, “What awaits you will be even harsher, even bitter, by the permission of Allah,”
Islamist organization added in their latest statement saying a secret cell of soldiers had launched the assault, while report was published on the SITE Intelligence Group in Arabic, an English and French translation.

The one of the dangerous militant organizations in the world has also announced threatening to the crusader countries, dark days to come soon because they have been working against the group associating each other hence now they have to pay for it.

The Syria-Iraq based militant group ISIS also posted some photos demonstrates jihadists distributing candies to children even asking to enjoy the Brussels attacks.

Some militants have been working for days in Brussels to carry out attacks and for this they have prepared everything as security forces were being informed about the possibility of the bombings but the Islamic State’s fighters made shocked and surprised all why showing scale of their mentality.

Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham has spanned its fear all over the world expressing how it can be brutal, killed thousands of people, displaced numerous from Syria to Europe and injured and kidnapped so many.

Some sources informed Brussels security forces that someone has a nail bomb in one of its region Schaerbeek though officers found successfully, while the security persons also discovered chemical products and flag of Islamic State.


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