Islamic State-Claimed Attack Kills Saudi Police Colonel


Saudi police colonel Kattab Majid al-Hammadi was killed on Tuesday in the Riyadh region in an attack for which most dangerous militant Islamic State claimed responsibility, described the interior ministry.


The Saudi authorities also explained that unidentified sprayed bullets on colonel in the town of Duwadimi, while investigation has been started.

Saudi Arabia’s province Najd which is thought to be affiliated to Islamic State, IS took Twitter to announce that its fighter killed the police officer though also threatened more assaults against the police in the nation.

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant has claimed responsibility for second attack in Saudi Arabia in previous four days.

Although a foreign was also targeted in a bombing on police patrol automobile was carried out by an unknown person late hours Saturday even in the Riyadh region, an interior ministry told media in continued speech.

However, the Saudi authorities didn’t indicate to nationality of the victim targeted in the explosion though stated two security patrol automobiles were in the region, damaged in the blast that was claimed by the Islamist militants from ISIS.

While the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham has been claiming responsibility for frequently attacks on Saudi security forces, shootings including deadly bombings which supposed to be target kingdom’s minority.

When it comes to past attack by jihadists from Iraq and Syria based organization, launched a suicide attack hit a mosque inside a Saudi Special Forces headquarters that left 15 people dead.

One of the most brutal Islamist organizations in the world IS has claimed responsibility for a wave of attacks in the region as well as deadliest attacks in Brussels previous month.

IS also has been killing numerous people including teen agers, raping girls and doing girls trafficking and all other bad acts in Iraq and Syria where it has complete hold.


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