Islamic State Group Claims To Have Beheaded A Croatian Kidnapped In Egypt


The Islamic State group claims to have beheaded a Croatian worker, abducted three weeks ago near Cairo, Egypt. If the death of the hostage is confirmed, it would be the first time a Westerner is abducted and killed by jihadists in Egypt.


The organization Islamic State said, Wednesday, August 12, a Croat beheading kidnapped in Egypt three weeks ago. The group also posted on jihadist websites that it has to be a photo of his corpse.

The cliché, whose authenticity could not be verified immediately, shows the body of a man surmounted by a head, next to a flag of IE and a dagger planted in the sand. Running a prisoner of Croatia – countries participating in the war against the Islamic State – after expiry of the ultimatum,” reads a short text under the photo.

Employee of a French company, Tomislav Salopek, 31 years and father of two children, was abducted on July 22 by gunmen on a road 22 km southwest of Cairo. On Friday, the Egyptian branch of the IU had threatened to kill him within 48 hours if Cairo did not release Muslim women imprisoned in Egypt.

If the death of the hostage is confirmed, it would be the first time a Westerner is abducted and killed by jihadists in Egypt.

The Egyptian authorities were concerned that the beheading of a Westerner still scares a little more tourists, who shun the country of the Pharaohs since the popular revolt that drove Hosni Mubarak from power in 2011, but also many foreign companies operating in the country in a sluggish economy.

Tomislav Salopek was working for several months for Ardiseis, a subsidiary of the General Company of Geophysics (CGG), a French company specializing in the exploration of basements. He was recruited as an analyst seismic.

On the day of his abduction, it was his last day of work for the French company. He was about to go home the next day, deplored in Croatia her father Zlatko, begging his captors to spare. The only reason to stay in your homeland was to earn money to feed her children, nothing more, he added.

The jihadists Province of Sinai, the Egyptian branch of the Islamic State based in the province of the same name and located in the east of Egypt, multiply the last two years the attacks mainly targeting soldiers and police.

They want to ensure avenge the victims of the bloody repression that befell the supporters of Islamist President Mohamed Morsi elected, deposed by the army in 2013 and sentenced to death in the first instance in May.

Since July 2013, more than 1400 pro-Morsi demonstrators were killed by police and soldiers, more than 15,000 supporters of the ousted head of state were imprisoned and hundreds sentenced to death in mass expeditious trial.


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