Janvi Kapoor Shridevi’s Daughter Caught On Camera While Kissing Her Boyfriend Shikhar Pahariya


Janvi Kapoor daughter of Sridevi Kapoor and Bonney Kappor is seen is caught on camera during kissing her boyfriend Shikhar Pahariya in a very romantic way on an unknown platform.


Sridevi Kapoor’s daughter Janvi Kapoor believes that every single movement of a celebrity is news and from a long time she is the beauty of news just on the basic of her different sexy stunts she knows very well that how public attract and what is the demand of public and in what things public takes interest.

So in the way of making hot and sexy news Janvi Kapoor’s latest picture is upload on social media in these pictures lips of Janvi Kapoor is locked in the lips of Shikhar Pahariya in a very sexy manner to attract the public attention as these pictures are presented in black and white form but how ever these pictures.


The main motive is to get attention and that demand is fully full filled it seems like that she is in a party along with her friends and Shikhar Pahariya is really enjoying the company of Janvi Kapoor and cannot stops his emotions and kissed her but the main point is that where these pictures are clicked.

Janvi Kapoor’s boyfriend Shikhar Pahariya belongs to a very powerful and authorized family he is grandson of Sushil Kumar Shinde who is one of the most powerful and authorized politician in India and Sanjy Pahariya who is one of the most successful business men in India.


He is also brother of Veer Pahariya who is till now dating Chote Nawab Saif Ali Khan’s elder daughter who is also step daughter of Kareena Kapoor.

Janvi Kapoor is now on her way to start her carrier in Bollywood in Karan Johar’s film which is might be the second sequel of Students of the year.


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