Kabul Suicide Attack Attempted Near Minibus, 14 People Died 18 Injured


Suicide attacks attempted near a mini bus in Kabul in result of this suicide attack 14 people have lost their lives and 18 are injured badly.


This suicide attack is attempted on the highway of Jalalabad which in the east side of Kabul it is capital of Afghanistan.

The suicide bomber slowly came near to the bus and blew him. Suicide bomber wants to enter in the bus it was not possible for him so he gets close to the bus as much as he can then blew himself and takes 14 lives with him but 18 passengers of that mini bus are also injured.

The bus is loaded with the guards of an international security agency and these guards belong from Nepal. These guards are appointed to secure the important buildings in Kabul.

After this suicide attack 12 ambulances reached on the spot and start the rescue operation 12 people Nepalese security guards died on the spot 2 Nepalese security guards are in very critical condition they have lost a lot of blood and injured badly so they cannot survive and died during the rescue operation.

In wounded passengers 4 are in very critical condition there is no hope that these can survive or not they are swinging between life and death.

A spokesperson of Taliban said that Taliban are responsible for this suicide attack attempted near the mini bus of Nepalese security guards and Taliban fully accept the responsibility of this attack.

This is the first attack done in Afghanistan during the holy month of Ramadan last suicide attack done in Afghanistan was in the month of April on 19 and in this attack 64 people are died and 302 are injured this attack was done on very large scale by Taliban.


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