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Kansas’s 10 Years Old Boy Died During Enjoying The World Tallest Waterslide

KANSAS CITY: A Kansas boy was died while enjoying the world tallest water slide which pushes man through the limits as this boy was died due to a neck injury during enjoying the slide.
The water slide of Kansas City is situated in the Rosy Park and the height of this slide is 168 feet which is really a magnificent height as many people come here to experience this ride on Sunday son of a Lawmaker of Kansas came here to enjoy the ride along with the family.
Caleb Thomas Schwab is that 10 years old boy who died while taking the slide as on Sunday he with his lawmaker father along with the family went into the park to enjoy that water slide but who knows that these joy full moments on the water slide are going to be the last moments of that boy.
This is enjoying the ride along two women and he is not familiar to them at the end of the ride the boy was not moving in the pool and then rescue officers arrived there and check that boy and told that he is dead now after this death this world largest slide is closed.
In the investigation it is clearly proofed that the boy is died just because of neck injure which is done on 2:30 PM and the other 2 women along him are slightly injured and treated into the local hospital of that area.
After that a police spokes person Officer Cameron Morgan told that the investigation report is now available and in that report it is mention that the case is of civil death matter so there is not a big deal in it and hop so that on Wednesday the slide is again opened as it is totally safe.

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