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Kashmir Celebrating Black Day 15th August India Celebrate Its Independence Day

SRINAGAR: on the day of India’s Independence the civilians of Jammu and Kashmir are celebrating the Black Day on this Black Day Military Forces continue their Killing and killed 2 more Kashmiri.
On 15 August 2016 when whole India is celebrating its day of Independence on 15 August 1947 69 years back India got its freedom from the British rulers but after 69 years when India is celebrating this Happy and Joyful day there on the other side Jammu and Kashmir is Celebrating the Black Day.
From last one and a half moth Kashmir is in a state of war and Indian force are continuously killing the innocent people Kashmir and the form last 38 days curfew is applied on Kashmir by Indian Forces during this era of curfew 83 Kashmiri have lost their lives while dozens are injured.
On the day of Independence of India the leaders of Freedom Moment in Kashmir called their workers for a rally and the rally participants are guided to wear suits of black color as they are going to celebrate this day as the darkest day of human history.
On this Black Bay Indian Forces continued their violence and killed 2 people on the other side near the historic Jamia Mosque of Srinagar which is locked up by Indian forces here 5 people are badly injured in the result of violence attempted by the Military Forces.
In last 38 days the resident of Jammu and Kashmir picked up dead bodies of 83 people and dozens are injured many of the Kashmiri also lost their eyes in the result of straight firing attempted by the Heartless Indian Military Soldiers and till now there are no chances that this violence will be stopped and Kashmiri will enjoy a peaceful life again.

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